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M.P. College, Mandi Dabwali

Dear Students,

As the older generations complete their task, the new ones come along to take their place. Hence the future of the country is in your hands. The future of India will certainly be bright if you, the young ones , are well equipped as individuals and as citizens of India. At this juncture of age when you are at the threshold of a new period in your life ,I would like you to play your role with confidence and excellence . Dear friends, excellence never comes accidently. It is a process where individuals have to endeavour incessantly to better themselves. The first –step is to set the performance standards and then work on your dreams with focus . Always be prepared to take calculated risks and do not get deterred by failures as you move towards your target. Strive to recognise your innate power and then start working making the best use of your potential. In this process, as you increase your performance, your potential will correspondingly be multiplying further. This is an unending life cycle phenomenon. Be cautious to keep in mind that you are not in competition with anyone else, but yourselves.

While sharing these views on culture of excellence with you, I have one favourable thought for you all, dear young students. In present scenario times favour the female, You have lots of opportunities and new avenues open to you . It is high time to fully concentrate on your dreams making full use of your intellectual energy and your life force. Once your energy gets diluted or lost in everyday unproductive work, you will miss excellence. Hence the message for you , my dear ones, is this ; Recognise the mighty force within you – assemble it and use it to chase your cherished dreams. All the success and bliss of life will be yours.

With best wishes

Dr. Girdhari Lal Garg
President of managing committee
M.P. College for Women, Mandi Dabwali