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M.P. College, Mandi Dabwali

Dear young ones,

Start your college life enthusiastically on a positive note. As it is the most important phase of your life and if you don’t have a good start you may have to regret. Enter your college life in the most efficient way. To do so, you must prepare yourself mentally to settle into the new environment. You may be anxious, but do not let your anxiety build up into a terrifying fear. Feel free to explore the new world in the campus. Interact with your fellow students, teachers and the management of the institution. Try to make the maximum use of the facilities such as library, laboratories and above all computer-lab, College life provides a lot of opportunities to explore your talent. Let your inherent talent be exposed by nurturing your extra-curricular interests. Ensure your participation in the various on going activities of the college.

The most importantly stay focused and always remember that college days are golden days and can be a lot of fun. However while having fun with your friends make sure that you don’t deviate yourself from the studies. Always keep on reminding yourself that you are here to accomplish your dream and to pursue a certain career. So pull up your socks and get ready to chase your cherished goal and stand out of the crowd.

With best wishes

Affectionately yours, Principal
Dr. Poonam Wadhwa